Despite Blizzard, Second Exhibitions Shines Following Delay

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Luca

If you ask our head of school, Josh, about the preparation for this Exhibitions, he will probably chuckle at the memory. Everyone was scurrying around and wondering: what will happen to this Exhibitions because of the blizzard? But it arrived at last! After the delay due to snow, the long-anticipated Trimester II Exhibitions evening was a success.

The night opened with an equally hilarious and educational presentation of African folk tales by  Division 3. Then, guests moved into the school building to observe projects in each classroom.

For seniors, this was their final Exhibitions, and the 20th Exhibitions for some. In Humanities, they displayed outstanding projects about education, gender, and how they intersect on college campuses -- including issues like masculinity, sexual assault, and transgender rights.

Other students are just beginning their time at Meridian, and Exhibitions remains a new experience. When I asked Division I student Jesse Eliot how her second Exhibitions went, she said, it “was easier, and it wasn’t as stressful as the first Exhibitions.” As the new students get the hang of Exhibitions, their projects keep getting stronger. I’m sure we’ll see much more beautiful, strong work at final Exhibitions in the spring.

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