Spanish Novice: Mapping the School

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Phoebe

For the second trimester, Division 1 students in Spanish Novice have been going around the school and mapping out the classrooms.  They have been also learning Spanish vocabulary about the school, like la fuente de agua, which means water fountain.  The Spanish teacher for novice, Cristiana, has been helping and always asking questions to improve her students' vocabulary.  The goal behind this project is to create a map for people who do not know where to go in the school. This way, they'll have a guide and can navigate on their own. For this reason, students need to label everything on the map to make it easy for users.

The structure of the map has three different parts: the first floor (or the basement), the second floor, and the third floor.  The students then made the map by drawing, using a computer program, or using a picture of an object or room.  They then put this all together and took each other on a tour of the school for practice. Students Lila and Zayna say, "It was a fun and creative project, and it really helped us learn school vocabulary at the same time."

Meridian Academy