Tuition and Financial Information

Matched Tuition and Costs

You can afford a Meridian education for your children! Our Matched Tuition plan customizes your costs to your family’s resources. Since its founding, Meridian Academy has succeeded in its mission to serve an economically diverse community. Meridian is located in the center of the amazing city of Boston and our families come from different neighborhoods and towns in the greater metropolitan area. Our students have a common interest in experiencing a powerful education with schoolmates from diverse backgrounds. 

Every Meridian family benefits from our commitment to keeping our tuition growth as low as possible. Meridian’s top tuition is $20,000 less than at many other local independent schools while providing a student-teacher ratio of 5 to 1. Just as importantly, more than half of our families pay a tuition, less than the maximum, that is based on what they can afford.

Each family’s circumstances are distinctive, and your Matched Tuition will be based on many different factors. A family may choose to pay the top tuition for their child’s grade. Otherwise, they submit their financial information through the School and Student Services, a non-profit used by many independent schools to assess your resources. Here are three sample families and their tuition:

Annual Family Income Children Assets/Savings Total Tuition
$42,000 1 $1200 $500
$92,000 2 $47,000 $8,000
$130,000 1 $370,000 $19,000

   The top Tuitions for 2019 – 2020 are:

     Grades 6 and 7: $30,600

     Grades 8 and 9: $31,100

     Grades 10, 11, and 12: $31,600

All texts, books, yearbooks, and regular extracurricular activities and field trips are included in the tuition. Students in grade 9 and above are required to have a laptop. Some optional overnight trips are additional, however, for families whose Matched Tuition is less than 25% of the top tuition, full assistance is available for both technology and travel expenses. Meridian is committed to economic equity and access for all curricular and extra-curricular experiences. 

Please click here for a more detailed description of our Matched Tuition plan and instructions on how to submit your financial information through the School and Student Services (SSS). Applications for Matched Tuition can be completed here. Meridian’s school code is 3702.

Please pay attention to Meridian’s application timeline.