Applying to Meridian

PLEASE CLICK HERE for a welcoming letter, printable timeline, information about Accelerated Admissions, and a full discussion of our Matched Tuition plan.

Meridian serves students in grades 6 through 12. We accept new students in grades 6 through 10. Applicants for 9th grade must successfully complete a year-long algebra course by the end of 8th grade. 10th grade applicants will be considered if there is a strong alignment between their course of study and Meridian's courses.

Submit an Inquiry Form

Click here to register online with Ravenna, our admissions application portal.
— Today!

Attend an Information Session

To learn more about our curriculum and community, please join us for an information session. At our evening events, families have the opportunity to hear from our Head of School and a student panel; meet current Meridian teachers, parents, and students; see our space; explore student projects; and gain a rich understanding of our values, our community, and our work. Our morning sessions are smaller gatherings with the Head of School for a presentation and conversation and include a tour with one of our division heads and a Q&A with students.
— Fall through early winter

Upcoming Information Sessions

  • Evening Session: Wednesday, October 16th at 7 PM. Check-in from 6:45 - 7:00 PM.
  • Morning Session: Wednesday, November 13th at 9 AM. Check-in from 8:45 - 9:00 AM RSVP please.
  • Evening Session: Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM. Check-in from 6:45 - 7:00 PM.
  • Morning Session: Tuesday, January 7th at 9 AM RSVP please.

Decide Whether to Apply Accelerated or Regular Admissions

Don’t want to wait until the spring to find out? You don’t have to! Please read about Accelerated Admissions here, do all of the steps below, but sooner, and we will let you know within two weeks of your completed application process. You will then have two weeks to let us know your response. You are not making a commitment until you say yes. Accelerated applications may be submitted in the fall or winter through January 15. Regular applications are due by February 1.
— During the fall

Call to Schedule an Interview and a Visit

Applicants join us for a half-day morning visit hosted by a Meridian student. During their time here, they get to join two classes and have an interview. Parents also have the opportunity to schedule a conversation with a member of the admissions committee and/or to sit in on classes. Please call to set up an a visit that can take place between October 15th and February 15th. Please make this appointment as soon as you decide to apply. The parent and student portions of the application must be submitted before the day of the visit.
— October 15 - February 15th

Submit an Application

Go to Ravenna and complete the parent and student portions of the application. The student and parent forms are due to Meridian by February 1st or prior to the applicant’s half-day visit, whichever comes first. The parent application should be accompanied by a $40 application fee. The fee will be waived for families who cannot afford it.
— January 15th for Accelerated Applications and February 1st for Regular Admissions

Request Materials from Your Child’s School

In person, and then through Ravenna, ask current English and Mathematics Teachers to complete an Evaluation. If you have a Spanish teacher, please ask them, in person and through Ravenna, to complete our Spanish Survey. Ask your school to upload Transcripts, Standardized Test Results, and an Evaluation through our Ravenna portal. These items are due by February 15, but please let teachers and your school know as soon as you know you are applying, so that they have the time to assist you in this process.
For standardized test results, we accept MCAS, ISEE, SSAT, and other standardized exam results. For the ISEE and SSAT, please have them mailed to your home and then forward a copy to us or upload it through Ravenna. Your school may also submit these materials on your behalf. These are also due by February 15.
— Due to Meridian by February 15th

Complete the Matched Tuition Application

If you would like a tuition matched to your family’s means, please submit your financial information to the School and Student Services (SSS) as part of your application. Matched Tuition information is needed February 15.
— February 15th

Admissions Decisions

Meridian sends out regular admissions decisions to families in early March. Admitted families have until March 31 to let us know if they would like to accept the offer.
— Families will hear by March 10th

Rolling Admissions

After March, we may have remaining openings for some grades during some years. If you are interested in applying during the spring or summer rolling admissions period, please contact Meridian regarding availability for your child’s grade.