Three times a year, all students share the results of their long-term projects at evening Exhibitions. Projects include primary source research, science experiments, research papers, essays, teaching units, works of art, mathematics explorations, creative writing and poetry, engineering solutions, and short films. Students talk with guests throughout the evening about the work, explaining and defending their learning.

Parents, friends, interested educators, prospective families, and many others come to learn from our students and give feedback on their efforts. Exhibitions provide an authentic and meaningful goal towards which students work. 

Exhibitions are scheduled each December, March, and June. Check our calendar for the next Exhibitions date.

Samples of exhibited works include:

  • Robotic miniature golf courses built by 6th and 7th grade Engineering students 
  • Greek-style plays written, directed, and performed by 6th and 7th grade Humanities students
  • Original microbiology experiments designed and carried out by 9th and 10th grade science students
  • Three-dimensional models of monuments designed by 9th and 10th grade American Historiography students 
  • Original set models, musical compositions, and costume designs for The Glass Menagerie by 11th and 12th grade Humanities students
  • Filmed scenes written, acted, and produced by 6th and 7th grade Spanish students