Bonjour Baguette: French C Field Trip

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Alex

On February 2, French C (comprised of four students, Emmanuel, Celine, Will, and Lucy) took a field trip to MA France, which is a French grocery store in Arlington. Their class only meets three times a week, so the students only get to speak to their teacher, Sonja, in French, but do not get to talk with other other French speakers. And, as Sonja put it, it is a lot harder to speak French to someone who isn’t your teacher. But in the end, the students got to speak French and eat a lot of delicious French food, from cookies to quiche.

After their time at the store, the group traveled to Schoenhof's Foreign Books where they picked out books that they want to read. Emmanuel and Will are seniors, so they could only pick one book each to read these year. Celine and Lucy are not, so they got some books they would like to read next year. All the students really enjoyed the trip. Sonja says that their favorite part was the store and the food. And the smell of fresh baguettes filled their noses, it was challenge of its own to get the students to leave.

Meridian Academy