Meridian Theater: Senior Max Directs Metamorphoses

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Elliot

Max, a 12th grade Meridianite, said that he jumped at the chance to direct a play after being a valuable Meridian actor for 5 years. It all started in 7th grade. Max had just come to Meridian Academy and describes himself at that age as shy and scared. His Humanities teacher,  Misha, was directing a play called Metamorphoses. Misha asked Max to join, but Max lied and said he wasn't interested in the play. Later that year when the play was performed, Max loved it. Since then, he has been in every play except for those in his junior year.     

When I visited rehearsal last week, I saw that the cast is filled with great actors and enthusiastic learners such as Nadia, who stepped up in all of the warm ups and wasn't discouraged by her classmates watching. Max is amazed by all the work done in rehearsals and warm ups. He gives the actors “ownership” over the show, making it a warm environment where he tries to make exclusion non-existent.

To make his experience with theater come full circle, Max chose to direct Metamorphoses, the same production he’d shied away from in middle school. It is based around a series of vignettes about Greek myths. All of the scenes have different tones, which is just  one of the things that Max loves about this play. Of directing, Max says, “It's a great opportunity to connect with people and learn from them.” Stay tuned for the play this spring!

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