Division 4 Explores the Vietnam War's Legacy at "Memorial"

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Ibrahim

On Thursday, October 20, the Division 4 Humanities students went to see a play called “Memorial” at Boston Playwrights' Theatre. Division 4 is learning about the Vietnam War this trimester, and this play had to do with the design, construction, and debate surrounding the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The play was about a young woman named Maya Lin who won a competition to make the memorial. However, there was a lot of controversy from veterans and others because Maya was Chinese-American -- making some associate her, simply on sight, with Vietnamese people. Others thought that her design did not respectfully honor the sacrifice of veterans. Lin fought to get her memorial up, until a compromise was made and Lin had to include, next to her memorial, another memorial approved by veterans. This play was based off a real story. Theo, a Division 4 student who went to play, said, “I thought that the play was an interesting take on that piece of history, and it raised the question: ‘Who was the memorial built for, the veterans or the general public?’”