Sophomores and Juniors Travel to Ecuador!

In April, 10th and 11th graders traveled to Ecuador on a 10-day service, language, and cultural immersion trip. The group visited Salinas de Bolivar, a town of approximately 1,100 people, where they participated in a number of cooperatives. Alongside locals, students worked for three days making cheese and chocolate, sorting local mushrooms, terracing a garden, and taking part in other needed tasks. 

Students also traveled to the Mindo Cloud Forest, a nonprofit conservation organization that works to protect critically endangered natural habitat in Ecuador. As Spanish teacher Sara McDonald wrote, "We were enamored by the reserve, its sights and sounds, as well as learning about the flora and fauna of Milpe. Our peaceful walk provided us many opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the land's biodiversity." 

When they returned, students produced videos about their experience to share with the Meridian community. Watch one of their videos below!