Meridian's First Student-Directed Play

Students have always been a major part of generating Meridian's theater productions, but this year two seniors, Juliette and Lili, took on the direction of our spring play. They chose John Cariani's Almost, Maine, which features an intrepid and awkward group of small-town characters who grapple with love and heartache over the course of just one night. Juliette and Lili were immediately drawn to the play's awkward charm when they read it aloud together, and directing proved to be a wonderful and rewarding challenge. As they wrote in the program, "We struggled at first to think of ourselves as authority figures, and had to learn quickly to assert ourselves and establish our vision for the show. Our cast has done an amazing job of sticking with us, and their patience and hard work played a huge role in getting this show off the ground. We cannot thank them enough for giving us this opportunity, and for making our final show at Meridian such an incredibly rewarding experience." 

Congratulations on a fantastic production, Juliette and Lili!