Canvases, Cookies, and Craftacular

By 6th grader Ezra

Every year, on the last day before winter break, we celebrate Craftacular and Pajama/Bathrobe/Slipper day. Everyone at school is eager for the long two weeks of relaxation, and getting to wear their comfiest clothing gives them a taste of that. We have two normal classes, then lunch, and then comes Craftacular – a big celebration of of arts and crafts through the afternoon. First, we all pick the names of another student or teacher out of a bag. We go off to make crafts for the person we got, and, if there is time, we might also make treats for other friends or family. We had a wide range of choices this year: laser cutting, woodburning, cookie decorating, making elves, painting tiny canvases and more. I picked 10th grader Tali’s name out of the hat, and I made a laser-cut square and a wood block with her name on it, along with several decorated cookies.

Everyone rushes around throughout the afternoon, excitedly trying to create as many fun and personalized gifts they can, and it’s fun to get to know other people in the school as you make gifts for them. At the end of the day comes the final exchange. People return to the lounge, and we search through the crowd to find our person and give them the gifts we made. Then, we make ourselves as visible as possible so we can be given gifts! After that, we listen to the collaborative story – a tale that students write line by line as crafts are made – and we enjoy apple cider and donuts. Roaming around the school, making gifts, eating snacks, and wearing our pajamas is a perfect way to get ready for winter.


Meridian Academy