Division II Writes, Designs, and Performs Their Own "Ferdinand"

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Isabel

Remember that story about the bull named Ferdinand? Well, Division 2 wrote a script, and composed music, and made puppets for a performance based off of this story. They spent all year creating this play with music teacher Laura, creative writing teacher Sonja, and art teacher Emily. On May 30th, they performed the show twice: first in front of a group of children from nearby Neighborhood School, and then in the evening for the Meridian community.

I got a chance to speak with Maya, who played Ferdinand, a few days after the show. I asked her what she thought was the hardest part about playing Ferdinand. Maya responded -- and fellow actor Juanzi agreed with her -- “Probably just finding time to memorize lines!” I also asked her what advice she’d give to students -- like me -- who will create their own plays next year. She said the most important thing beyond lines is simply hard work.  

When I asked other Meridian students what they thought, Luca said, “It was amazing! Their voices were very pretty. It was probably the best show at Meridian.” Rhys said, “Practically perfect.” I also got a review from my brother, Isaiah, who goes to Neighborhood School.  He said, “It was great. There was a lot of funny jokes.” But Grace’s review may have been the most appropriate: “It was un-bull-ievable.”


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