Third Open Mic Night Recap: Improvised Acts, Amazing Performances, and Jon on the Saw!

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Vilmarie

How many students can say that they’ve seen their MST teacher play the saw? Well, on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017, Meridian Academy hosted its final Open Mic Night of the year, and we were treated to MST teacher Jonathan Cannon playing that particular and unique instrument. Who knew Jon had it in him? But that wasn’t the only surprise of the night.

Twelve performers had originally signed up, but during one of the breaks, Emmanuel cut in and had the audience stomp and clap while they rapped to a short but sweet and humorous poem. Also, at the end of the performances, Jacob and Max played a last-minute Stevie Wonder song with Celine on vocals and Laura and Alex on drums.

On every Open Mic Night, the Meridian community comes together in the Music Room to share and celebrate our talents. Students and teachers sing, dance, recite poetry, and play music as well. The first two Open Mic Nights were held in October and March.

The original idea for Open Mic Night came from our music teacher, Laura. She said that she wanted to create a comfortable and safe space for anyone in the school to share their passions and talents in front of their fellow Meridianites. Spanish teacher Abby, who also helps organize Open Mic Nights, said that “the feeling in the room was very supportive, positive, and happy to be there, and the audience was very supportive of performers.”

Since they have been such a success, Open Mic Nights will continue next year. We look forward to seeing all the new Meridianites showcase their performances. ...And who knows what other talents Jon might have up his sleeve?

Meridian Academy