Three Arts Produce "Project Ferdinand"

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Phoebe

Throughout the year, Division 2 students have been studying and creating something called Project Ferdinand. This is a play and puppet show that Laura, the music teacher, Sonja, the creative writing teacher, and Emily the art teacher are leading. It is based on the book, The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. The three arts teachers say that they hope it is a unique and surprising experience for the audience because it is a puppet show, and the students have done most of the work. The teachers are only leading the students along, but the class made up the play themselves and are doing all of the voices for the puppets.

Laura has been writing songs with Division 2 and Emily has been making sets and puppets for the play.  Sonja and Division 2 have been writing the script and practicing their roles. “It’s very interesting to see how music and art and creative writing can all be worked into one final product,” said Division 2 student Juanzi. “I hope the audience members get the feeling of all three arts -- the lyrics from the music, the design of the puppets, and the play.” The play will be performed for the community on Music Night in March.

Meridian Academy