"A Very Big Deal": First Trimester Exhibitions

By Division I Media & Journalism reporters Elliot and Jesse

At the end of every trimester, we have an event called Exhibitions, when students show the work that they have done throughout the trimester. People from the Meridian community, including parents, siblings, friends, prospective families, and grandparents come to explore all of this work. Meridian doesn't finish the term with large exams, making Exhibitions a very big deal and a large part of each student's assessment. For a few days before Exhibitions, things can feel busy and hectic because people want to get their projects up to standards. But when Exhibitions evening finally comes, it is so relieving having all of those projects finished and getting to show them to the community.

At this particular Exhibitions, the community gathered at 6:30pm to hear the music that Laura, the music teacher, and her students in Band have been working on. When all of that was over, everyone made their way over to the main building where the classrooms are. The rest of the evening was split up into four blocks, each being twenty five minutes long, and every student was assigned to a classroom during each block. Visitors can go around and look at their own student’s projects, as well as other students’ work.

This trimester in Humanities, we showed several different projects. One project was on the history of media, which was a research project in pairs where each pair had a different type of media. Jesse focused on magazines with her partner Luca. Another project required us each to study a muckraker -- a journalist who “digs up” issues and stories that usually center on social justice -- and then wrote a speech from their perspective. Elliot researched Juan González. When we presented them, our teacher Catherine videotaped us and showed our speeches on the television at Exhibitions.

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