For Three Nights A Year, The Students Do The Teaching

If you’re looking for the largest smiles on a Meridian Exhibitions evening, look to the teachers. As guests roam the hallways and students diligently explain their projects, most teachers simply grin and laugh. For them, Exhibitions is where all their hard work pays off.

In World Language classrooms, short films in Español play over the laughter of parents as they watch their students perform in telenovelas. In Math, Science, and Technology classrooms, students conduct live demonstrations for guests, explaining how to visualize shapes in 2, 3, 4, and more dimensions. In Humanities classes, friends read graphic novels on the unknown heroes of the Holocaust.

The common factor amongst the teachers is that they are not responsible for anything that evening. They have worked tirelessly to help students revise their work until it is presentable. They have helped create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for guests to walk through. And they have coached students up on how to talk not just about their work, but also about their peers’ work. But for the three hours of Exhibitions, teachers at Meridian sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. It is, for many Meridian teachers, the best part of working at the school.

Meridian Academy