"Only in Dreams" in the Music Room

This is a guest post by 7th grader Cameron.


Last Tuesday night -- after being snowed out of our first performance -- I had the chance to perform Weezer’s Blue Album with other Meridian musicians. (The performance came out of our Winterim, which you can read more about here.) Laura, our music teacher, chose 7 of the songs from the original album and arranged them to make Weezerim. From “My Name Is Jonas” to “Undone - The Sweater Song,” a unique set of instruments and vocals formed a Meridianized version of this classic 90s album.

During the two days of preparation for the performance, we laughed, sang, ate candy, and shouted River Cuomo’s legendary lyrics into microphones. There was never a dull moment -- every member had something different to contribute, from playing an electric ukulele to singing their heart out. The performance itself was nerve-wracking, but being there with my fellow musicians made it fun and exciting. My favorite thing about it was watching the smiles on our audience’s faces as we performed each of the pieces. During the performance, we all looked just like Buddy Holly, we all saw things that were only in dreams, and we all watched Rhys, my 6th grade classmate, say “homie.”


Click here to watch the performance in full.

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