Late Night Politickin'

A guest post by 11th grader Madi.


Last weekend, seven high schools students attended Boston University’s 15th annual Model United Nations at the Park Plaza. There, we discussed and debated a wide variety of issues -- from the role of the  FBI in the Watergate Scandal to the merits of the Spanish Inquisition in the court of Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II in 1494. Some of us simulated the U.S. Congress and worked to build the framework for nuclear deals in Iran, some discussed peacekeeping operations in China, and others were assigned to the House Un-American Activities Committee, where they were made responsible for identifying and  jailing communists during the Red Scare.

While normal committee meetings are always fun and interesting, nothing was more exciting than the midnight committee sessions several of us experienced early Saturday morning. We worked until dawn to try and prevent Russia from expanding the Trans-Siberian Railroad closer to Japanese presence on the Korean peninsula while Russia worked to destroy Japan’s naval presence in Port Arthur. There was certainly a thrill in getting woken up and taken downstairs to deal with a crisis, much like in the real world where diplomats frequently have their sleep interrupted with pressing international issues.

We also spent the weekend eating delicious Vietnamese food and socializing with students from different schools. Our lovely science teacher Stephanie also popped in for a visit to cheer us on.
All in all, it was a lovely weekend with lots of foreign affairs and fun. Oh, and by the way, the Trans-Siberian Railroad was successfully restricted. All in a day (and late night)'s work.