Blinding Sneakers and Expressive Songs: Meridian’s First Open Mic Night

6th grader Vilmarie poses in one of her dance moves

6th grader Vilmarie poses in one of her dance moves

By Division I Media & Journalism reporter Lila

On Thursday, October 27, Meridian Academy hosted a joyous Open Mic Night held in the music room. There were snacks, music, dancing, and poetry included in this event. Every time a performance finished, someone randomly selected from the audience would pick the next performer's name out of a hat. The experience was exciting, as well as beautiful and exhilarating.

The recitals included an up-beat dance by Division 1 student Vilmarie to “That’s my Girl” by Fifth Harmony. Vilmarie was accompanied by her own blinding sneakers that changed color as she danced. There was a musical performance featuring two pianists -- Division 3 student Piper and Division 4 student Naomi -- alongside our music teacher Laura on drums. Our MST teacher Jon played a very expressive song on the guitar, and Division 3 student Ruby performed an original slam poetry piece. Finally, Jon and Division 1 student Rhys worked together to create an Irish step-dance, with Rhys dancing and Jon playing the violin. Many other excellent performances were held at this event, and we all hope that it happens again soon!   

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