A Ballad to Cuttlefish on Ice

As Friday night neared, excitement was strong
Much smiling and laughing as we gathered along
Hats, gloves, and mittens, with scarves were prepared.
1/3 of the school to the Orange Line declared.

After a short ride downtown, to the Frog Pond we went
Teachers, students, and parents: all were present.
Arriving with glee we were quickly admitted
And sat down for a jiffy until we were fitted.

Some brought ice skates from home, others rented there
But none were without the necessary pair.
As we got on the ice, loads of giggles rang out
It was clear that many cuttlefish were about.

Some zoomed by fast and others circled round slow
But all were supported with friends’ helping elbows
French fries, onion rings, and other treats we ate
It was a grand success, this night on ice skates! 

Meridian Academy