Educator Grant Lichtman calls Meridian the "school of the future today"

Writer and educator Grant Lichtman, author of #EdJourney: A Roadmap for the Future of Education and The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School visited Meridian and wrote about his experience on his website, The Future of K-12 Education.

In the post, titled "Believe in Dewey? School of the Future Today at Meridian Academy," Lichtman writes,

"...Meridian is a natural learning setting.  It is straight out of Dewey, Parker, Parkhurst, and Montessori. If I haven’t shown my bias strongly enough, I will say that it is a learning pond, a system that operates along the lines of a natural, not manufactured system.  Meridian is doing today what the founders of modern education were preaching in the past, and what so many of us are talking about as the future."

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