High School MUN goes to Brown

Guest post by 9th grader Julia, who also won Best Position Paper in her Committee!


During the weekend of November 6-8, five Meridian high school students ventured to the Brown University campus to participate in their Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN), where delegates tackled real-world problems in the format of an authentic United Nations committee. While most committees were representative of real UN committees, such as the Security Council or the World Health organization, Meridian students were a part of specialized or historical scenarios. Sophie’s committee took place during the Troubles in Northern Ireland, where she represented a member of the Unionists faction. Isaac took on the role of Guatam Gupta, CFO of Uber, for a conference consisting of the Uber board of directors. Kenny joined the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro and faced problems around the upcoming Summer Olympics and other social issues. Madi was a part of the Consejo de Ministros de Cuba as the Minister of Education and was tasked with decisions regarding major policies. I was an elected official of the Dutch Republic during the Thirty Years War in the 1600’s, and I tackled issues surrounding conflict between more than five nations. It was a successful trip for all of us delegates!