Meridian is a growing school with new developments and additions each year. Meridian teachers have the opportunity to work with students closely, to create exciting, interdisciplinary courses, to work with colleagues who are eager to collaborate, and to create a community that celebrates learning.

Open Positions

Full-time Science and Math Teacher. Science emphasis should be in chemistry, biology, or environment science.

To apply for a position:

  • Please read the rest of this site to gain a fuller picture of the goals and philosophy of Meridian Academy.
  • Email us a résumé and cover letter describing your teaching with a discussion of your work with students.

    All Meridian applicants should be excited about the chance to build a school that is respectful of students' ideas, that encourages discovery through long-term, original projects and research, and that nurtures teenagers as they become young adults.

    Meridian Academy is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to their membership in a protected class.