Why Meridian?

Meridian students have the opportunity to lead large-scale creative projects.

Meridian students interact with the real world through traveling and learning about it first-hand.

Meridian students get not only a rich academic education, but they learn the values of community, responsibility, and integrity.

Meridian has been called the "school of the future today" by a leader in progressive education.

Meridian students do long-term independent research and design their own creative projects.

Meridian's small size -- a little less than a hundred students when we reach our full size -- gives students the opportunity for deeply individualized learning that both supports and challenges them.

Meridian students play a role in directing their own education, which prepares them to guide their college and adult lives more successfully.

Meridian faculty come from all walks of life, and they love working with Meridian students and helping them to grow intellectually.

Meridian students get personalized support throughout the college admissions process, and they are accepted at excellent schools that are a great fit for them.

To learn more about our unique educational environment, read our Introduction to Learning.