To understand what works about our school, we asked our parents and students, "Why Meridian?" Here are some of their responses:

"Meridian is an amazing school. It attains that sweet spot that parents dream of: high expectations enforced with great kindness, generosity, and respect.”
-Sarah, parent of 8th grade student

“At Meridian, everyone gets a totally unique experience. Every year in every class, each student gets to make authentic personal choices about what they want to learn and how they want to learn it. This freedom breeds an incredibly diverse and passionate community of learners.” 
-Max, 11th grade student

“Meridian is a wonderfully refreshing learning and social environment. It provides our daughter with inspired and nurturing guidance that stirs her to think broadly, deeply, and independently.”
-Peter, parent of 9th grade student

"Meridian has taught me so much about the world, who I am, and who I want to be throughout the whole community, not just the classroom.  The teachers are mentors, friends, and advisors who simultaneously challenge and support us in all our endeavors."
-Clary, 8th grade student

"Meridian is a fabulous school - the type of thoughtful, thought-provoking, student-centered, community-building school that I wish I had been able to go to myself!"  
-Jonathan, parent of 11th grade student

No matter who you are, you'll find someone at Meridian to help you along the way. Teachers explain clearly enough so we understand even the most challenging ideas.”
-Celine, 10th grade student

“My son has always had passionate interests--generally having nothing to do with the school curriculum. With Meridian's project-based curriculum, he's been able to find links between his passions and the classroom--what an improvement in the way he thinks about school!”
-Gail, parent of 8th grade student

"Meridian has challenged me to perceive situations through others’ eyes, to self-reflect, and to reason. I’m challenged to always question, always focus, and always learn.
-Yvonne, 12th grade student

“Meridian teachers help students push the boundaries of what young people can do in the world.”
-Ann, parent of 9th grade student

Meridian teachers are amazingly creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated. The distinctive curriculum encourages students to learn and to express themselves effectively. We envy our son and his classmates. This is the school we wish we could have attended.”
-Dan, parent of 8th grade student

“Meridian's education fits into the world we live in now. We read more than just classic novels written centuries ago; we read books about current issues that will be the classics of our day. What we learn feels like it will be relevant for my entire life.”
-Tati, 11th grade student

“When my son came home from middle school raving about the fun, dynamic, and relevant projects he was working on, it made me want to go back to middle school. Then I thought: ‘What?!?  I always considered middle school to be the most unpleasant years in education, but he was having the time of his life!”
-Teresa, parent of 11th grade student

“We have been thrilled with our son’s education at Meridian because of its focus on very sophisticated, cross-disciplinary work and its high academic standards. It’s the school we wished we could have attended.”
-Annmarie & Linda, parents of 11th grade student

“The thing I love most about Meridian is the small community. We’re all very tight knit and extremely supportive of each other.”
-Julia, 9th grade student

"At Meridian, teachers make sure that each child achieves his or her highest potential. It’s warm and welcoming atmosphere helps every child succeed."
-Olga, parent of 7th and 8th grade students