The Boston Globe

Boston Globe profiles Meridian and its "student-directed education"

In an article for The Boston Globe, reporter Kathleen Burge profiled Meridian and focused on its unique and student-centered approach to learning. Burge noted the many field trips that Meridian students take, the long-term projects that help learners gain knowledge through failure and perseverance, and the individualized support provided by teachers. 

Describing Meridian's project-based learning, Burge writes:

"Teachers at Meridian Academy evaluate students on long-term projects that the students present to parents and faculty at the end of each term. Children in a science class taught by Abrams, for example, will create a robotic miniature golf course for their final projects this spring. In Spanish, which is required, students wrote short stories in that language, and then translated them into English...'The kids have to work on something much more complex and long term,' Abrams said.  'Kids typically work much harder if the question is of their own making.'"

Photograph by Barry Chin for The Boston Globe.

Photograph by Barry Chin for The Boston Globe.