Building Community

Meridian students have a considerable voice in the life of the school. They are relied upon as equal partners in sustaining an intellectually and emotionally supportive environment. Students are involved in creating the goals and rules of the school, and they recognize their responsibility in solving problems that they and their peers face. 

Students also take an active role in maintaining the school. Our all-student Tech Committee sets up and maintains our computers and network. The Lounge Committee is planning and implementing interior design for a new lounge and library. Our Pizza Committee collects funds to provide takeout lunch each week. In addition to these student-generated groups, the entire school cleans up all classrooms and hallways at the end of each day. Students are also involved in the selection of new faculty, helping to interview applicants and providing valuable insights into our candidates. Student voices are always encouraged at Meridian and often propose new committees, initiatives, and changes to policy.

Meridian's emphasis on community can be seen in our non-curricular activities and groups: