2018 Annual Appeal

Dedication. Caring. Integrity. These are the values that you demonstrate every day when you get up, get your family out the door, go to work, collaborate on a new project, and evaluate and apply new information to your existing responsibilities.

Dedication, caring, and integrity are also the values that are essential to nurture in our young people – through our example, through our interactions, and through our educational institutions.

Meridian is here to support you in teaching those values to the children we both care so much about. From the very first month of classes, teachers and students at Meridian sit down together each day with these values in mind. In Humanities classrooms, students work alongside their peers to grapple with questions such as “Can war be moral?” In their Mathematics, Science, & Technology class, they push each other to examine current environmental challenges and to pose solutions. In Spanish, they learn the language by speaking with people in our neighborhood who have immigrated here.

Meridian works hard to provide these opportunities and nurture growth – but that growth requires a strong foundation and broader partnership to take hold. As someone who cares about Meridian and engages with its students – you provide that foundation and partnership, and we are grateful.

There is another important way that you partner with us in supporting students to become the kind of involved, responsible adults our society needs. When you demonstrate your commitment to Meridian with a gift in support of our work, you are modeling the kind of deeply connected and invested community that reinforces these values in our students.

As a friend to Meridian, your pledge sends a powerful message to our students that their work matters to the world. Will you join us in helping to continue to foster an environment where children learn to participate?

Thank you in advance for your support. Best,

Joshua P. Abrams

Head of School