MFA VisitEvery Meridian student takes art classes every term and every year. Our art classes celebrate artistic communities, both near and far, the individual style of each art student, and the value of art's processes and its products. Throughout the year, we explore art in four contexts: art for the sake of individual expression, art as a cultural product, art as a symbiotic partner in political and social realms, and art as activism. Within these four concentrations, the elements of art and principles of design are introduced, practiced, and integrated into each assignment. Students become familiar with artists known for their contributions.

mask makingAssignments connect and utilize the elements of art: line, color, texture, value, shape, form, and space and the principles of design: balance, proportion, rhythm, emphasis, and unity. Students learn to apply these terms when studying and observing key art and artists. Emphasis on the process of art making is high. Students undergo a brainstorming and reflection process with each assignment. Students practice talking publicly about artists and their own art as well as discussing themes within groups. Students are continuously encouraged to explore and develop their individuality as an expressive artist.

Artistic themes are integrated into the core courses and also offered in separate units. For example, students study pottery and painting in connection to their work on ancient Greece. Drama productions are a major school project combining literary studies, art (for costumes and sets), and geometry and physics (stage construction, sound, and lighting).

photoMeridian takes regular advantage of the museums in the area visiting the Museum of Fine Arts (which is just a short ride away on the T), the Institute for Contemporary Art, the Fuller Craft Museum (in Brockton), the Arthur Sackler Museum of Asian Art (at Harvard), the Casa de la Cultura/Center for Latino Arts, and many other local art resources. When visiting museums, students frequently take the opportunity to sketch and interpret the art that they are viewing.

Meridian classes and extracurricular activities offer opportunities in two and three dimensional studio arts including drawing, painting, collage, silk screening, sculpture, and photography. The performing arts are also integrated within our humanities classes and Spanish studies with students writing and performing their own skits and plays. Students who play an instrument can participate in our multi-genre band.

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