Academic Advisory

In addition to our courses and emphasis on community, students meet by grade level once a week to learn and practice relevant academic skills. Our advisory groups introduce and foster many key processes that students encounter at Meridian, like applying to college, peer mentoring, and taking on leadership roles. 

In addition, the faculty leader of each group serves as the key advisor for students in that group. The advisor is the students' central advocate and point person, serving as a liaison between students, parents, and teachers, as well as tracking and supporting each student's academic, social, and emotional growth at Meridian.

We have seven advisory groups:

Grade 6 - This group focuses on study skills and the transition to Meridian's unique learning environment. Students organize their binders, discuss effective study skills and how to organize work spaces at home, and talk about ways to handle social and academic stress. 

Grade 7 - This builds on grade 6, advancing students' academic, organizational, and social and emotional skills.

Grade 8 - At this important point of transition between middle and high school, students focus on what it means to be a leader and to take ownership over their community. They do trust activities, continue building academic skills, and identify news ways that they can contribute to Meridian.

Grade 9 - In their first year of high school, students learn new study habits to handle the rigor of new expectations, and they may become mentors-in-training to younger students. They also build job-finding skills such as how to write a resumé and cover letter, interview techniques, and how to use your network to identify interesting positions. 

Grade 10 - Students become full-fledged mentors who serve as a key resources for new students. They also begin to take on major leadership roles in student committees and school activities and begin test preparation for the SAT and ACT.

Grade 11 - Students continue test preparation and begin the college search process. They work with our guidance counselor to identify schools that closely match their interests, aptitudes, and learning styles. 

Grade 12 - Students focus on applying to college or preparing other post-secondary endeavors. They work one-on-one with our guidance counselor to prepare their application packet to reflect their individual strengths and interests. After applying, they forge relationships with outside organizations to begin spring internships.